The Solomon Islands

Just three hours flying time from Brisbane are the Solomon Islands – an unspoiled, undiscovered paradise comprising 992 islands, all relatively untouched by the influences of the modern world. Located on the western fringe of Australia’s Pacific North East, this pristine paradise boasts breathtaking beaches lapped by the crystal-clear waters of the Coral Sea, renowned for their abundant marine life. With its rich culture and history, these islands are widely considered the South Pacific’s best-kept secret.

Only 147 islands are actually inhabited, and their population of 560,000 is mainly Melanesian – while some of the outer islands are home to Polynesians and Micronesians. The local people can appear shy, but are very friendly.

Off the beaten track, village life in the Solomon Islands remains much as it has for centuries.

Through our work in the area, we’ve built strong relationships with many of the village elders, and are welcome to bring our guests for a visit.

Along the way, there’s also the opportunity to take part in everything from a game of football with the local kids to a village welcome ceremony, hand-line fishing or shopping for local handicrafts.

The Essentials


The Solomon Islands has an equatorial climate typical of many tropical areas, meaning it is usually hot and humid all year round. The islands have an average temperature of about 27 degrees celcius with only very small changes from season to season.


Everyone visiting the Solomons needs a valid passport but not everyone needs a visa. Canadian, U.S., British, Commonwealth and E.E.C visitors do not need to obtain a visa before arrival. (Subject to change). Passports must be valid for 6 months after your departure.


The main public hospital is in Honiara with smaller facilities in the major provincial centres. Private clinics are also found in Honiara. Malaria exists and you may wish to consider prevention options such as insect repellent or medication.


The Solomons has a modern phone network and Internet services are available. Phone and wifi cards can be purchased throughout the major centres, though connectivity on the outer islands is very limited.


The currency used in the Solomon Islands is the Solomon Islands dollar (SBD) and foreign currency exchanges are readily available. Major credit cards and EFTPOS facilities are available.


Solomon Islanders have a rich culture, which includes observing many traditional “kastoms”, varying from province to province. Please ask about appropriate behaviour and always ask permission before taking pictures of people or places.


Local artifacts, souvenirs and alcoholic beverages can all be purchased both on board the MV Taka and along the way, so remember to bring some cash when you visit local villages.


The Solomon Islands is a safe destination. The people are very welcoming and friendly and keen to share their way of life with visitors.


Informal lightweight clothing is appropriate, including comfortable footwear. However, while beachwear is acceptable at the beach, hotels and resorts, we recommend changing into something more appropriate when out shopping in towns or visiting villages.



Experience a free discovery dive with our fully qualified PADI dive instructors. This is an opportunity to try scuba diving for those whom have never dived before. These one-off guided shallow dives are offered daily, and led by our instructors. To sign up for a PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience, you must be at least 10 years old. No prior experience with scuba diving is necessary, but you need to be in reasonable physical health. Certified divers are offered dives at various locations throughout the trip. The diving is simply the best in the world, so don’t forget your certification card. Snorkeling gear is provided, and guided tours of the pristine underwater environment are offered each day. When filling in your booking form, don’t forget to mark down your fin size.


As we steam along, the crew can help you to trail a line behind the boat, in the hope of catching a nice tuna or wahoo for your evening meal. Hand lines and fishing rods are both freely available.


Stand up paddleboards are available onboard and can be used at every location. Our inflatable sea biscuit is also available for fun rides during most of our beach stops.